Friedrich 12000 BTU Single Zone 14.3 Seer Heat Pump System

Product Type: Dual Fuel Heat Pumps
Brand: Daikin

This ductless system will save on installation costs and will save on dollars because it heats or cools only rooms that are in use, not a whole house. This system runs quietly, with four fan speeds plus an auto fan feature. This unit also has a security advantage. There is no need to worry about intrusions from window or wall installations. A simple three-inch opening is all that is required to connect the indoor with the outdoor unit. Standard features on this single zone system feature convenient wireless control, a 24-hour timer, a sleep mode, and auto, cool, dry and fan settings. This unit provides low ambient cooling at all times even when the outdoor temperatures fall to zero Fahrenheit. This feature is important for areas that require cooling all year round such as computer facilities and electronic technology rooms that require consistent year-round cooling.