Fujitsu 9000 BTU Single Zone 21 Seer Heat Pump System

Product Type: Dual Fuel Heat Pumps
Brand: Fujitsu

This Energy Star rated single zone unit utilizes inverter technology that runs more economically and quieter than standard air conditioning units. It can handle extreme fluctuations in temperature and can reach the desired room temperature more efficiently and quicker than an air conditioner. With inverter control technology, the outdoor unit can fluctuate its speed and output to match the needs of the indoor unit. This allows for more energy efficient operation and this unit can achieve 30% more operating efficiency using this inverter control system. This system not only provides residential and commercial facilities with a temperature control system, but is also efficient in controlling air quality. It has a plasma filtration system that removes odors and allergens such as cigarette smoke, pet dander, dust, pollen and mold spores. It disinfects and deodorizes the indoor air by neutralizing airborne contaminants.