Sanyo Dual Zone 9+9 kBTU Heat Pump System

Product Type: Dual Fuel Heat Pumps
Brand: Sanyo

This Sanyo heat pump system can cover two zones in a house or commercial establishment with the benefit of a single outdoor unit. The indoor units can be installed in the walls with a cabinet and connected to the outdoor unit through a small 3-1/2" hole in the wall to connect the tubing and wiring. Users will love the versatility of this unit and the dual coverage it provides. Sanyo heat pump systems use only environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant and run quietly both inside and outside. Inverter technology allows for continuous operation of the units, at it adjusts capacity according to room’s environmental temperature. You can maintain clear air quality throughout a home or commercial space through a special triple air filtration system which traps dust, mold and other allergens and deodorizes the air. Air is efficiently dehumidified through the dual operation of the compressor and the fan which allows for dry operation.