Sanyo Single Zone 16 Seer 9000 BTU Heat Pump System

Product Type: Dual Fuel Heat Pumps
Brand: Sanyo

Sanyo manufactures this single zone unit that is designed to be energy efficient, operate quietly and uses environmentally friendly refrigerant. This ductless heat pump system offers users a wide range of heating and cooling options for the home or commercial establishment. The indoor unit is mounted on the wall in a space saving cabinet that is not unsightly. It is connected to the outdoor condenser unit with a minimally invasive hole in the wall to connect the refrigerant tubing and unit wiring. Installation is fast because there is no duct work required. Sanyo has developed an indoor unit that is Whisper Quiet and has made the outdoor unit with perfected rotary compressors which provide powerful cooling combined with energy efficiency and some of the lowest noise levels in the industry. A microprocessor automatically adjusts fan speeds to maintain maximum comfort in temperature and airflow in a room.