Sanyo Single Zone 20 Seer 18000 BTU Heat Pump System

Product Type: Dual Fuel Heat Pumps
Brand: Sanyo

This unit comes with a DC Inverter air conditioner that allows for energy efficient operation. You can operate this single zone heat pump system continuously because it monitors room temperature and adjusts its capacity accordingly. With a twin rotary compressor, Sanyo has made a unit that operates quietly both inside and outside the home. With a wireless remote control, the user can adjust temperature, louver control, fan speeds and the timer. A microprocessor conveniently adjusts the 3 fan speeds according to room temperature. This unit also improves air quality with a negative ions generator and an Apatite clean air filter which traps dusts, mites, pollen, and cigarette odors. This triple filter system has antibacterial, dust collecting and deodorizing layers that maintain the quality of a room’s atmosphere and provides clear indoor air free of allergens and odors.