Addison VWY VGY VWC Vertical Water Source Self-Contained Heat Pump

Product Type: Geothermal Heat Pumps
Brand: Addison

"Vertical cabinet water-to-air heat pump air conditioners are an excellent choice for a multitude of building applications ranging from offices, schools, health care and retirement facilities to hotels and motels, multifamily housing and industrial operations." 

  • Cabinet allows access to the electrical panel ithout impairing unit operation.
  • Compressor motors are equipped with internal overheat - overload protection.
  • Refrigerant reversing valves are pilot operated sliding piston type
  • Statically and dynamically balanced DWDI centrifugal blower
  • multiple speed PSC fan motors

Addison Smart Switch Microprocessor Control improves the operation and safety of Addison heat pumps. These features include:

  • compressor short cycle protection
  • brownout protection with time delay
  • random compressor start delay to prevent high building electrical demands
  • LEDs to indicate operational status and fault indication
  • controlled delay of the reversing valve to reduce annoying “swish” noise
  • high speed test jumper (TP) used to reduce compressor short cycle and reversing valve delay times to speed system check out and repair.
  • load shed control input for energy management systems
  • standard (W1) and night setback (W2) thermostat inputs.