Econar GeoSource 2000 Hydronic Heat Pump

Product Type: Geothermal Heat Pumps
Brand: Econar

Hydronic heating systems provide concentrated warmth without air circulation or noise. Transfers energy from and to the earth-coupled heat source to hydronic heating and cooling heat
exchangers. Water-to-water heat pumps supply heated or chilled water for variety of applications. Can be applied to:

  • radiant floor heating; consistently supplies low heat to large floor mass, to heat one room, entire house, or commercial establishment.
  • fan coils work with GeoSource heat pump to provide versatile, zoned temperature and humidity for homes, office, or commercial spaces.
  •  swimming pools, hot tubs
  •  tank heating
  • base board/finned tube
  • radiators
  • Energy Star qualified
  • 2/5 residential warranty; 1/5 commercial warranty