Econar GeoSource Vara 2 Plus

Product Type: Geothermal Heat Pumps
Brand: Econar

Geothermal heat pump uses underground earth loop to draw off the earth's free heat to be transferred to the heat pump using ColdClimate Technology. Provides heating and cooling as well as hot water more efficiently than traditional heat pumps. Features:

  • electrical controls
  • staged compressor and fan motors for a softer start
  • reversing valve
  • brazed plate stainless steel heat exchangers for reduced pumping costs
  • corrosion resistant cabinet
  • optional Hot Water Generator
  • variable two-step compressor
  • speed Electronically Commutated Moter (ECM) blower
  • precise refrigeration control
  • balance of heating and cooling capacities without compromising dehumidification
  • quiet operation
  • 2/5 residential warranty
  • R-410A Earth-friendly refrigerant